WENDY ROGERS: ‘We Americans Who Love This Country Are Being Replaced’, ‘I Will Not Back Down From This Statement’

Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers recently caused an uproar in establishment media when she quoted an article about the surging rate of illegal immigration under Joe Biden and declared, “We are being replaced and invaded.” Instead of backing down, Rogers released a second statement doubling down and declaring that she “will not back down from this statement.”

On July 17, Rogers shared an article from Breitbart Texas and declared that revealed 730,000 migrants have crossed illegally into the United States from Mexico, and declared, “We are being replaced and invaded.”

AZ Central, an establishment local mouthpiece of USA TODAY, ran an opinion article declaring that she is dogwhistling “to white supremacists” and called her statement “gross”. The website used another man’s words to liken her statement to “hate and extremism”, and said she is echoing the “‘great replacement’ myth” that suggests native-born American citizens are being replaced by foreign born immigrants. (READ MORE: Dick Durbin Endorses Great Replacement, Says ‘Demographics’ Are ‘Not On The Side Of The Republican Party’)

In response, Rogers released a second statement via Twitter. “Apparently the #FakeNews is triggered because I said we are being replaced,” noted Rogers. “We Americans who love this country are being replaced by people who do not love this country. I will not back down from this statement.” She added, “Communists & our enemies are using mass immigration, education, big tech, big corporations & other strategies to accomplish this. The groups who are doing this undermine our families, our history, our faith, and our rights. We need more people who love America, not less.”

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