Letter: Rim Country AZRA President Defends Wendy Rogers

I have stayed out of this up to now.  However, I would like to add some context.  First Wendy Rogers did not attend the AFPAC Convention as charged in the MSM.  She pre-recorded a video that was done prior to Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine.  I listened to the full recording of the video multiple times.  There was no anti-semitic or racist reference by Sen. Rogers. 

Did she threaten people? Yes, people who are violating the Constitution by forcing vaccines into children without their parents’ consent; people who are defending teachers who are teaching immoral homosexuality to six year olds; and people who are jailing patriots without the right to a hearing or speedy trial in violation of basic Constitutional Rights.  I agree with her that people who are poisoning the bodies and minds of our population – especially our youth – should be punished and punished harshly.  To be honest, the gallows may be too mild for some who have destroyed millions of innocents.

The mainstream media, they attacked the AFPAC for having a “White Supremacist, racist and anti-semitic Christian Flag” on stage.  There was a Christian Flag on the platform in every church I have attended since childhood and it never represented white supremacy, racism or anti-semitism, but rather the Jew, Jesus Christ. 

Look, the satanic, atheistic, communist leaders that are destroying the values and morals that founded our country need to be attacked with vigor.  I would urge caution, intense prayer and supplication before jumping on the side of people like Raquel Teran, Reginold Bolding and Raul Grijalva.  These are the same people who conspired to steal the 2020 election and support CRT in our schools.  I oppose racial discrimination as it goes against the my moral code, the teaching of Christ, the Constitution and Martin Luther King. 

To charge all Republican Christian Americans are White Supremacists is as damnable as slavery.  I recommend that the GCRC spend its time building a winning army in the 2022 Primary and General Elections.  This is a side show designed by the Democrats, the media and the globalist Republicans to distract and divide us.  The fact is Senator Rogers has been a leading effective legislator in fighting election fraud, the open border invasion, CRT in the classroom and abortion of life in the womb. 

Phil Mason
Rim Country AZRA President
Arizona Republican Assembly

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