Letter to the Editor: Williams resident wants to see more Wendy Rogers

I would like to take the time to express the importance of securing Arizona’s future with another run with Wendy Rogers. She has fought tooth and nail to be the voice of her constituents and she has done pretty damn well! She has passed bills to secure the integrity of our elections, made cautious and considerate decisions of state spendings, fights to protect our border, and continues to resolve any concerns her constituents may have. She represents the true values of Arizonans and I want her to continue to be my voice!

Many have attacked her stance, many tried to even make false accusations of her but she never backed down. She stands strong against the evil eyes coming her way and yet continues to uphold her promises, shows strength by implementing true American values by guarding our constitutional rights, and most of all she loves our beautiful country!

This country is hanging on to the very threads of what makes it so great! We need patriots like Wendy to represent Arizona and we need leaders that can do the damn job by representing the people.

Originally published by the Arizona Daily Sun: https://azdailysun.com/opinion/letters/letter-to-the-editor-williams-resident-wants-to-see-more-wendy-rogers/article_bc15d5c0-feff-11ec-85f4-9f6c960166e1.html

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