Trump Endorsed Wendy Rogers Releases New ‘Secure the Border’ TV Ad Ahead of Crucial Re-election

Trump endorsed State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) is not pulling any punches. On Tuesday, August 2nd, the Republican primary in Arizona kicks off. Wendy Rogers is running against a former ally who turned on the Trump America First agenda to go her own way sadly. 

Nevertheless, Rogers has run a clean campaign, and let Kelly Townsend, an outgoing state senator (due to redistricting), do her own thing so to speak. Rogers is staying on message and reminding folks of the critical endorsements she has gotten, including Donald Trump and Kari Lake, in addition to her unrelenting pursuit of border security, among other things.

Rogers just dropped a new video ad that you can see in the tweet below, reminding folks what she is about, before the election. In our view it almost feels like Rogers should be running for some higher office sometime soon, perhaps even helping Donald Trump somehow, should he run in 2024. From the video:

“Biden’s un-American agenda has created an invasion which must be stopped. I’m Senator Wendy Rogers. I’m fighting to secure the Arizona border once and for all. I’m proud to be endorsed by Kari Lake, Sheriff Joe, and President Trump.”

A clip of Rogers speaking to a crowd then plays:

“Together we will restore our great country, to what it is supposed to be”.

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