Op-Ed: Straightforwardness, family values qualities of Rogers

By Kathleen Petty, Flagstaff

Wendy Rogers is a personal friend of mine; she lives just up the street from me here in Flagstaff. One of the things I like about Wendy is her honest, no-nonsense demeanor. She tells it like it is. There is no guessing what she means because she is straightforward with you.

Family is so vitally important to Wendy. She is one who values life and the people who are most important to her: her family. When Wendy is not talking about the job at hand, she is talking about her family — her children and her grandchildren. She values spending any time she might be able to spend and takes advantage of the time she has to engage with them.

As a retired Air Force pilot and a Lt. Colonel, she has served our country honorably. She has been in the midst of helping our military men and women in missions of flying them home safely. This is a continued theme as I have watched her prepare for running for political office. She really does care about the people she serves and not just another notch on her belt like many politicians.

When asked why she wants to run for political office, her answer is simple, “I want to continue to serve my country.” She truly believes, “I work for the people who elect me; I answer to them,” a novelty at best for many of the current leaders in office.

Source: https://azdailysun.com/opinion/letters/letter-to-the-editor-straightforwardness-family-values-qualities-of-rodgers/article_93038d06-1e77-59f6-a93d-b8530359d5d7.html

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