Op-Ed: Supports Rogers

By Karen and Steven Slaton, Show Low

We are thrilled that retired Lt. Colonel Wendy Rogers was AZ LD-6’s choice for their new State Senator in our primary election.

We’ve been conservative activists for over 12 years here and around the state and involved in every election since 2008. My husband ran for Governor in 2010 when I met him here in Show Low, where I was leader of the Tea Party, GOP Precinct Committeemen and State Committeeman, and we both worked for Americans for Prosperity all over the state and country — campaigning (walking door to door) for conservative candidates in every election. So we know a good candidate when we see one!

Wendy is a leader who will stand up for our constitutional rights, who actually knows what they are and where they are in the constitution, and will not waiver when pressured by lobbyists or consultants! She actually talks and listens to her voters….. and goes out and knocks on every door and introduces herself so the people know who they are voting for.

She is a breath of conservative fresh air and has a total commitment to our President’s priorities……. Making America Great Again.

We support all real conservatives and do all we can to spread the news to everyone of our customers coming through our door daily who love and support our great president.

If we all make the commitment to support our constitutional candidates and holding them accountable, then we will have done the job our founders have given us….. as sovereign citizens.

Wendy will win the general election in November and when she takes the oath of office she will stand up for our 2A rights, right to life, lower taxes, no excessive state spending and certainly no red flag laws. 

Source: https://www.wmicentral.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/supports-rogers/article_b1aa3f1f-5bf3-5686-8903-61f4839b7514.html

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