Op-Ed: Wendy Rogers supports our forests and listens

By Mike Hays, Flagstaff

I was privileged to hear Wendy Rogers talk at an event the other day. I felt she was listening to our concerns when some of us asked questions, and she didn’t candy coat the answers to some of the tough questions about schools and the economy.

We really need good folks representing us at the capitol, as those of us in northern Arizona often feel left out. Wendy seemed to understand this, saying this was one of her main reasons for running. I really want our beautiful forests and homes protected from fires and littering. I know Wendy’s policies are the ones that will get that done.

We need Wendy as a state senator, a military veteran, a mom, and I believe a tough fighter for us here in the north.

Source: https://azdailysun.com/opinion/letters/letter-to-the-editor-wendy-rogers-supports-our-forests-and-listens/article_e304e8a4-7e3e-5912-82de-c3e2f7824e7f.html

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