President Trump Responds to Audit Findings, Mentions Wendy Rogers Again

On July 16, President Trump issued a statement in response to the Maricopa County election audit findings as reported before the Arizona Senate, condemning the mainstream media for ignoring “the very important Arizona Senate’s hearing yesterday” which revealed widespread irregularities and fraudulent votes, the hacking of Maricopa voting machines, and the wiping of all the voting machine access logs.

President Trump praised Wendy Rogers and the Arizona Senate for standing strong, and quoted Wendy’s call for decertification.

Read his full statement below:

(MediaRight News) Wendy Rogers Touts Back-to-Back Mentions By Trump In Statements About the Arizona Election Audit

“Arizona Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers today touted back-to-back mentions by former President Trump in statements about the Arizona 2020 presidential election audit. Rogers said in a tweet, ‘President Trump quoted me twice in his latest statements about the AZ Audit. That should show people that what I am saying is exactly what he is thinking.'”

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