Rose Sperry Sets the Record on Party Boss Shenanigans in Gila County

It is not surprising what is taking place at the Gila County Republican Committee (GCRC) with Gary Morris at the helm. His relentless pursuit to destroy Wendy Rogers’s character since she ran against Steve Smith for Congress and then against Sylvia Allen, the darling of Payson, in LD6 is nauseating, to say the least. Let us not forget that Morris permitted a nasty flyer about Rogers to be placed at every table at the GCRC Lincoln Day dinner. More revolting was the fact that neither Allen nor the other attendees objected. Rogers defeated Steve Smith with a Straight Flush and Allen with a Royal Flush. After Morris’ malicious actions he wondered how this could happen. “It’s called a mandate by the voters, Gary! I’m sure there is more to come from this 1776 Redcoat since there aren’t enough PCs in Gila who have the guts to say “ENOUGH” and send him back to the woods where they last found him.

Rose Sperry, Yavapai SC, to Phil Mason

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