AZ Sen. Rogers Ramps Up Pressure on AG Brnovich: ‘Arrest Those Who Stole Our Elections & Deleted the Election Data’

“Arrest those who stole our elections and deleted the election data,” Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers urged Attorney General Mark Brnovich on Tuesday.

Sen. Rogers was reacting to a video message Brnovich posted where he vowed to “keep fighting” against the Biden Administration’s policies affecting Arizonans. Brnovich, who launched his campaign for U.S. Senate over the summer, failed to mention anything about election integrity in his video, which Sen. Rogers was quick to point out.

“The elephant in the room is #ElectionIntegrity,” Sen. Rogers responded. “This is a single issue state and a single issue race for US Senate. Dominate that issue, and you win. How do you dominate? Arrest those who stole our elections and deleted the election data.”

Tens of thousands of potentially illegal votes discovered in Maricopa County full forensic audit set into motion a unified call among Arizona Republicans for a criminal investigation by the state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

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(The Gateway Pundit) AZ State Rep Wendy Rogers Wants “Less Letters, More ARRESTS”

“The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Brnovich sent a letter to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to begin his investigation into the fraudulent voter rolls. Eleven months later, this is a good start but still not enough. On Saturday, State Senator Wendy Rogers told her 208,000 Twitter followers that, she is about to go scorched earth if she doesn’t see progress from the Arizona Attorney General soon: ‘Less letters, more subpoenas. Less requests, more warrants. Less talk, more arrests.'”

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