Senator Rogers invites the White Mountains to an evening with Trump

Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally on Friday in Prescott Valley to support the candidates he has endorsed for the Aug. 2 primary and subsequent election. State Sen. Wendy Rogers will also be in attendance, and she’s doing everything in her power to make sure as many White Mountain residents do their best to attend the event.

“You’re going to have the time of your life there,” she said in telephonic interview with the White Mountain Independent. “There’s really nothing else like it, and I’m honored to have been asked to speak at the event.”

The former president and Rogers go back only a few years, but those who have paid attention to Trump and his stances know that Rogers has been a staunch supporter of his for quite some time.

Rogers first met Trump in December 2015 when he held his second rally in Arizona at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Rogers was stunned to hear she had been asked to speak at the event and help introduce Trump to the crowd.

“We spent a little bit of one-on-one time together while we were taking pictures for the press,” Rogers said. “He left such a deep impression on my husband and I, and we’ve had a profound admiration for him ever since.”

She spoke of his self-confidence, his salesmanship and his willingness to lead as major influences on her that have helped her carve her own path in the current political landscape. Trump has praised her often at various rallies he’s held, and fully endorsed her for the new Legislative District 7 seat in the Arizona Senate.

“The endorsement didn’t mean too much to me personally. I appreciated it, of course, but it was his acknowledgement of northern Arizona that really stood out to me. By endorsing me, he endorsed all of rural Arizona.”

Rogers was one of the first officials to publicly support Trump’s claims of election fraud and has continued to defend that stance nearly nine months later. These assertions have motivated her to spend a significant amount of time on the campaign trail.

“We know what happened, they know what happened, and everyone with a little common sense knows what happened,” she said. “It’s more critical than ever to make sure everyone knows to go out and vote, but it’s even more critical that those people know their vote is secure and can’t be used in any other way.”

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