Wendy Rogers Makes Bold Call in AZ GOP Primary, Predicts all Trump Candidates Statewide Will Win, ‘Many Reasons to Turn Out and Vote Up and Down the Ticket’

GOP Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers made a bold call in the Arizona GOP primary in a tweet today where she predicted that all Trump candidates statewide will win.

Rogers declared, “I predict all of the Trump candidates statewide will win because Trump voters have MANY reasons to turn out and vote up and down the ticket.”

“It is well worth their time to fill out their ballot or go in and vote. Super high turnout expected from Trump voters. #MAGA“

In another tweet, Rogers shared a picture of her with Trump along with her husband Hal.

“Great seeing President Trump again. He and I talked about a number of things. He loves Arizona, I can tell you that much,” Rogers said in the tweet.

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