Sweet Grandma With A Shotgun Seeks Your Vote – Tyranny Must Never Be Allowed To Thrive [VIDEO]

With crime, violence, and mass shootings happening in states all over the country, the Biden administration has demanded that gun control be discussed as a serious option to help protect citizens and children.

While the Democrats promote banning certain assault rifles from being purchased and even putting an extremely heavy tax on guns, Republicans like State Senator Wendy Rogers had an entirely different approach. Wanting the same outcome as all Americans, the GOP has continuously pointed out that many of the mass shootings taking place happened in gun-free zones. According to Rogers, the answer isn’t taking away guns but educating and arming individuals. 

Releasing her campaign ad for reelection, as can be seen in the video below, Rogers said, “Hi, I’m Senator Wendy Rogers, conservative Republican running to be reelected to the Arizona Senate. Our nation has a crime problem. And I want to talk to you about self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms. Most of these tragic shootings we hear about occur in gun-free zones. The shooters pick places they consider to be soft targets. That’s why I proposed campus carry, which cleared the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee to allow students over 18, who have a concealed carry permit, to carry on campus for their own protection. That’s why I proposed and got passed into law declaring firearms manufacturers and retailers as essential businesses.”

Warning about the dangers of allowing a government to strip citizens of their guns, the State Senator added, “That is why I support school resource officers as well as arming trained teachers and administrators as they do in Israel and other states in our own country. And almost every instance where someone was on the scene with a firearm, the violent criminal was neutralized. We need more good guys with guns. The global communists in our country and around the world want Americans disarmed so they can treat us as the people of China are treated. Lockdowns where people are bolted into their homes and not allowed to leave. Parents being dragged off to COVID camps and children left to fend for themselves or worse.”

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