Trump-Backed America First State Senate Candidate Wendy Rogers Makes Pledge to Keep Arizonans Free

(Natural News) Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, a former U.S. Air Force pilot who is backed by former President Donald Trump, is running for reelection as a solid “America First” Republican who is pledging to continue her record of keeping Arizonans free from the Democratic left’s tyranny.

“Here’s another one of my mailers. I’m pushing hard for election integrity, gun rights, securing our borders, standing with law enforcement, expanding affordable American energy solutions & protecting women’s sports from cheaters. Vote Wendy Rogers for AZ Senate,” she noted on Twitter in a post that contained a graphic of the mailer, which includes photos of her wearing a “Save America” hat and standing next to Trump.

“Serving in the Arizona Senate, I’m completing a legacy of service that my family has held, generation after generation, to give back and honor our country and our countrymen. My constituents elected me to represent them, and their wishes for me on how they want me to vote are at the forefront of how I vote,” she notes on her campaign website.

“As my family knows best, I don’t quit. Watch my latest video, where I talk about the importance of perseverance, fighting for election integrity at this precarious moment in history, and stopping medical tyranny and other attacks on the freedoms we hold dear,” she added in a post next to the video in question.

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