Trump-Endorsed Republicans Take Arizona: Wins For Finchem, Gosar, Rogers, Plus Expected Victory For Lake

Trump-endorsed candidates appear to have won across the state of Arizona, with Mark Finchem, Kari Lake, Paul Gosar, and Wendy Rogers all winning or set to win their primaries, potentially signalling 45th President Donald Trump’s influence at both the state and local levels.

As Valiant News reported, the first win for America First in Arizona came with Blake Masters, who Trump described as an “incredible guy, a very smart person, and an America First fighter” during an endorsement video in June, stating that he believes Masters will “protect our border, he stands for life, and he’s strong on election fraud.”

Masters will face off against incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly in the upcoming election. Kelly has held the seat since winning in 2020, when he was elected to finish John McCain’s term.

While all the votes in the GOP Arizona gubernatorial primary are yet to come in, Kari Lake has already declared victory, with a growing lead over her opponent, Karrin Robson.

Lake received the backing of Trump, Robson was supported by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and former Vice President Mike Pence.


State Sen. Wendy Rogers, one of the most prominent supporters of Trump and the America First agenda on a local level in Arizona, solidly defeated her primary opponent, State Sen. Kelly Townsend, with the two competing against one each other due to redistricting.

Rogers had been repeatedly attacked by Townsend for her association with web show host Nick Fuentes, and for sending a video message to his conference, AFPAC. Rogers retaliated by framing Townsend as a candidate who favors political correctness and engages in cancel culture.

“I am so grateful to all of you,” Rogers tweeted. “With over $132K in swamp lobbylist PAC money spent against me, we won big – 18%+ – and our margins are improving as more ballots are counted.”

“This means that The People want secure borders, secure elections, law and order,” wrote Rogers. “The ‘Sweet Grandma’ is going back in to fight for you!”

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