Utah State Rep Who Demanded 2020 Forensic Audit Abruptly Resigns, Wendy Rogers Declares: ‘They Got to Him’

Utah Republican State Rep Steve Christiansen abruptly resigned on Thursday in an email to party leadership over what he described as attacks on his wife and family.

The resignation comes after Christiansen had demanded a forensic audit of the 2020 election and received criticism from not just Democrats, but also members of his own party. 

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers shared the news in a tweet and declared, “They got to him.”

“I am grateful he stood up when he did. I challenge the rest of us to find out the truth of what happened in Utah in 2020,” Rogers continued.

Rogers explained, “Those machines allow the establishment to steal the elections in the GOP primary just as easily as they allow the Dems to steal the general elections.”

“The machines are designed to elect godless commies in both parties. Period,” Rogers insisted.

Christiansen had previously introduced House Resolution 901 which sought to ban critical race theory in Utah school and it passed in a special session.

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