Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes Interrogated In 2020 Election Investigation

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has opened a formal criminal investigation into the fraudulent 2020 election and his office is now examining the suspects.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Brnovich is still awaiting the router and Splunk log analysis but he is digging deeper to “hold people accountable for breaking the law”, according to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.

The Arizona audit proved that election laws were violated and as a result, hundreds of thousands of ballots are now in question.

The citizen-led canvass of Maricopa County voters revealed there were hundreds of thousands more “ghost votes and lost votes.” The Elections Management Server was connected to the internet and election files were deleted from the Elections Management Server. This was all in Maricopa County alone. Joe Biden was declared the winner of Arizona by a margin of fewer than 10,500 votes.

All of these election determining discrepancies have been denied since election day, all while they threw the stolen election in our faces and declared it was the “most secure election in American history.”

A patriot shared their summary of Arizona Central’s report, which details Adrian Fontes’ interrogation by Roger Geisler, a special agent with Brnovich’s major-fraud unit.

AZ Central reports, “Roger Geisler, a special agent with Brnovich’s major-fraud unit, questioned Adrian Fontes, the Democratic former Maricopa County recorder, on Monday about issues stemming from the election.”

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