Wendy Rogers Calls for Investigation into Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley Promoting ‘Communist Books’

We recently reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, went into a social justice diatribe during a hearing in front of the House Armed Services Committee.

The shocking statements made by him, which included accusing those who were involved in the events of the Capitol of exhibiting “white rage” have caught the attention of many on the right.

GOP Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, in a two part tweet, pushed back on Milley, demanding he resign and calling for an investigation.

“If our top general is telling our young impressionable troops to read communist books then the general pushing a communist agenda in our military & needs to resign NOW,” Rogers stated.

Rogers continued, “General George S Patton is rolling over in his grave right now.” Patton was a general who commanded the army in Europe during WWII.

“No retirement benefits & open an investigation into Milley’s Red Education NOW.” Rogers added.

It was also revealed this morning that Milley appears to have been responsible for why former President Donald Trump did not crack down on the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that broke out last summer. 

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