Wendy Rogers: Senate WILL Hold Hearings and Investigate Audit Results Regardless of Sine Die

The final week of the Arizona audit continued on Wednesday with two state delegations touring the audit floor. With the adjournment of the Arizona Senate nearing, many fear that necessary legislation and investigations will not take place upon the Senate’s receipt of evidence.

Delegations from Michigan and South Carolina toured the Arizona election audit on Wednesday, in order to bring election integrity to their home states. On Tuesday, a delegation from Washington received a tour, led by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been a strong fighter for the Arizona audit. She famously stood up to Mark Brnovich and scared him away from the Senate led Maricopa County election audit.

Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson caught up with State Senator Wendy Rogers, while delegations toured the facility.

Conradson: So there’s a lot of concern about Sine Die and the audit results coming out, and the Senate, not being able to make legislation based on those results can you kind of clear up the confusion?

Rogers: Yes. Senate President Karen Fann, my colleague put out a statement last night, which clarifies the fact that even with Sine Die, which is Latin basically for adjourning our legislature, which is a part time legislature, we still will be able to hold hearings and investigate, even in the offseason, as it were, with the Senate Judiciary Committee of which I’m the vice chair. and also it’s important to understand that when the legislature adjourns the 90 day clock starts and then these bills that we have gotten through that we have gotten signed for the restoration of election integrity can take effect. So we want that to be able to go into effect.

Conradson: That’s great. So can you tell us about the legislation such as SB 1485 to clean up our early voting lists, the bill to block early ballots from being counted if they don’t have a signature, and the bill which ensures early ballots go to current addresses?

Rogers: Right. Well, the first bill you mentioned is critical, and we want this to go into effect. Which is basically you have to have voted one time in the last four elections to remain on the voter rolls, and as we are learning with the audit, the voter rolls are critical. And so we want to be able to get them as cleaned up as possible, and it requires legislation to do this. And so these kinds of bills have to be codified into law, and that can only happen after adjournment. And again, rest assured everyone that the Senate Judiciary Committee is a standing committee, and we are able during the offseason to pursue anything that is found in the audit.

Conradson: And then lastly, can you tell us about the important legislation regarding critical race theory, gun rights, etc?

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