Dan Crenshaw continued his meltdown by praising U.S. House Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and slamming the House Freedom Caucus.

GOP Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has had enough and demanded that he be censured by the Texas GOP in a tweet.

Crenshaw made his case by bringing up Kinzinger’s voting record during Donald Trump’s first term in office, which, according to FiveThirtyEight was 99% while Republicans held the House.

By the second term, however, that number was down to 83.5% and of course on the three votes in the current session, it was at 0%.


Crenshaw complained that Freedom Caucus members were “performance artists” and “grifters” while members like Kinzinger and himself were real “conservative” so-called “legislators.”

Rogers shared the video clip of Crenshaw in a tweet and declared, “#RedFlagDan at it again. He must GO along with Mace and Ronna Romney!!! Bye!”

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