Wendy Rogers, Doug Mastriano, Teddy Daniels Demand Maricopa-Style 2020 Audit In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano and Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers hosted a packed election integrity rally in Scotland, PA on Tuesday evening. […] Other speakers included Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington, Rep. Rob Kauffman, congressional candidate Teddy Daniels, Audit The Vote PA co-founder Toni Shuppe. Women For America First, the organization that put together the massive “Save America” rally on January 6th, organized Tuesday’s event.

Rep. Kauffman started the night by announcing plans to conduct a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania based on the Maricopa County model. “We can’t wait to see what’s coming and we thank you for leading the charge in America for voters,” Kauffman said to Senator Rogers. “But guess what we’re here for tonight? We’re going to be doing the same thing in Pennsylvania,” he then added. This resulted in a standing ovation and loud chants of “USA” from the crowd. Kauffman, along with Mastriano and PA State Senator Cris Dush travelled to Arizona in June in order to observe the audit process in Maricopa County.

Senator Mastriano was then introduced to a standing ovation and loud cheering. Mastriano has been the leading figure in calling for an election audit in Pennsylvania. In July, Mastriano submitted a forensic investigation request for records from three counties: York, Tioga and Philadelphia. Philadelphia, a Democrat stronghold, refused the request. A Republican-majority county board in Tioga county also declined the request and accused Mastriano of creating “unnecessary chaos” in pushing for a detailed view of the county’s election in 2020. “I’m disgusted of politics and politicians already, I’m disgusted by the dishonor, the lies, the games they play. I’m tired of the games,” Mastriano said on Tuesday. “If there’s nothing to hide, who not open up the books?”

Senator Rogers spoke next, again receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. “We’re not just doing this for 2022, we need to find out what happened in 2020,” Rogers announced to cheers from the crowd. “This is now a package-able, exportable, excellent, the best ever combination of technical expertise now. We have the blueprint,” the Senator said regarding the Maricopa audit. Rogers also dismissed threats from Merrick Garland and the Biden regime to shut down the audit. “Excuse me, that’s Arizona, federal government you’re over here, this is our audit. The state legislature has plenty of power, the U.S. constitution, that’s what gives us our power.”

Arizona audit results are expected to be released to the public in the near future. “Confirming audit companies are preparing the draft report to present to the senate team . Senate team will then review for accuracy and clarity for final report which will be released publicly,” Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R) posted to Twitter on Monday. Rogers noted that the preliminary audit report will be released within days. “PRELIM AUDIT REPORT COMING IN SEVERAL DAYS,” Rogers tweeted.

Teddy Daniels, a Purple Heart veteran of Afghanistan and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, closed the event with a fiery speech. “They found nine military ballots in a dumpster, nobody seemed to care. Even a guy who announced for governor, his home county, nowhere to be found,” Daniels said. “Well I organized some folks and we went up there. The media hit me, well hit me all you want. I survived combat, there’s nothing you can do that can hurt me.”

“The time is now. This is the hill that we stand and fight on. If we lose this fight we lose everything,” Daniels said in regards to an election audit. “The time of playing nice is over, the time of political correctness is over….. The more they hit me, the more they try to silence me, the more I dig in.”

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