Wendy Rogers Endorsed by Jorge & Betty Rivas

I am proud to have the endorsement of Jorge and Betty Rivas, two great patriots who have been treated so unfairly!  – Wendy

Jorge and Betty Rivas are the owners of Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Tucson, AZ, and proud supporters of President Trump. When they were spotted in a photo from a Trump rally, radical liberal activists attacked them relentlessly on social media, calling them “racist,” “evil,” and “the worst of the worst.” After the incident, President Trump tweeted his support for their restaurant:

Said Jorge and Betty, “We owners of Sammy’s Mexican Grill endorse Wendy Rogers for Arizona Senate.  We have known Lt col Rogers for four years. She is honest, forthright, staunchly conservative and will protect our state and country from the entitlement socialism so rampant right now. She is strongly pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-free market as we are. She was an early supporter of President Trump just as we were and understands the sacrifice to keep America free. Please support our good friend Wendy Rogers!”

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