Wendy Rogers Endorsed by Center For Arizona Policy Action

I am honored to be endorsed by Center for Arizona Policy Action! Great organization and does great things for our state!  – Wendy

In announcing the endorsement, CAP Action President Cathi Herrod said:

“Center for Arizona Policy Action (CAP Action) carefully and prayerfully considers many factors when making endorsements of candidates.

The first step in making endorsements always is to consider issue stands and voting records. On the issues, the candidate’s position on the sanctity of human life, educational freedom, parents’ rights, and religious freedom are of paramount importance. That assessment is made based on the candidate’s voting record, if an incumbent, and, for all candidates, answers to survey questions.

Next, we consider the candidate’s viability as a candidate. If a primary election, we review whether the candidate can win the general election. Whether the candidate’s campaign is viable for the long haul of the campaign season beginning with the primary and ending with the general election. Whether the candidate has the ability to raise the funding and build the grassroots necessary to be successful.

CAP Action also considers whether a given candidate brings skills and talents that would be an asset to governing the state or nation.”

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