Wendy Rogers Gets Endorsed By Stew Peters & Delivers Fiery Speech In Idaho For Janice McGeachin

The last few months have been somewhat turbulent for Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers who was not only censured by the state Senate, but it marked the first time in 30 years that a legislative body censured one of its own members. The vote was revealed in March with a 24-3 vote due to the Republicans being out of town and attending the America First Political Action Conference in Florida. At the time, she allegedly called for violence towards her opponents. It should be noted that Senator Rogers also pushed against the current ‘approved’ narrative surrounding the Ukraine/Russia conflict. But while being targeted and censured, Wendy isn’t nearly done fighting… 

Appearing at an event for Janice McGeachin, Rogers, as can be seen below, gave a fiery speech about the 2020 election, which many believe, based on abundant evidence, was stolen from former President Donald Trump. The state senator also brought up how the Democrats are struggling to keep power so they can control the narrative, but being endorsed by Trump, Rogers called for action. Take a look.  

For those who might not know who Rogers is or why she is running, on her campaign site, it reads, ‘President Trump endorsed me for 2022 because I am fighting to protect our God-given rights, our borders, and the state of Arizona from socialists and liberals.’

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