Wendy Rogers Insists That Biden’s SCOTUS Pick ‘Perjured Herself’ By Claiming Not to Know What a Woman Is

We reported earlier that Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed not to know what a woman is during her hearing yesterday.

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers responded to the astounding claim by the judge, who currently sits on the Board of Appeals.

“Little kids know what a woman is. Biden’s SCOTUS nominee perjured herself,” Rogers insisted.

Prior to that tweet by Rogers, she had quote tweeted Jenna Ellis who had asked, “At what point is Ketanji Brown Jackson lying to the Senate by saying ‘I don’t know’ just to avoid responding to questions?”

“Perjury,” Rogers responded.

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(Media Right News) Wendy Rogers Encourages Republicans to Vote Against Judge Jackson After Major Questions Come to Light

“Trump endorsed nationally known election integrity stalwart and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers prodded U.S. Senators on the Republican side not to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court. Rogers recently posted to Telegram, an app many are using to avoid perceived heavy-handed political censorship from Twitter against right-wing users.”

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