Wendy Rogers on the Stew Peters Show – 7/22/2022

We’ve told you lately that if we had real elections and a serious country, Arizona has a lot of the most important races this election cycle. There’s the Senate, where we can send a real America-Firster like Blake Masters to erase the stains left by John McCain and Jeff Flake. There’s the governor and secretary of state races, where Arizona voters could replace RINOs with people who will actually do something to secure the state’s elections.

But Arizona is so important that even its state legislative races matter. In fact, one of the most important primaries in the country is now less than two weeks away. It’s the showdown between America-First Wendy Rogers and her rival Kelly Townsend. Both of them are currently sitting Arizona state senators, but due to redistricting they have now been pushed into a race against each other. We won’t say “forced,” because in fact Townsend deliberately chose to challenge Wendy Rogers because she hates her America-First message.

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