Wendy Rogers Shows Kamala Harris What a Real Memorial Day Message Looks Like

GOP Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers showed Kamala Harris what a real Memorial Day message looks like after she released one on Twitter this morning. 

“Memorial Day is when we honor and remember those who died on active duty in military service. As our country hangs by the slenderest of threads, it is especially important for us to remember the sacrifices of those who made it possible for our nation to form a more perfect union and become a beacon for freedom around the world to this day. For me, I remember fellow aircrew squadron mates who died serving alongside me. May we honor their sacrifice and hold them dear for they gave their ultimate.”

Rogers, a veteran has served in the military as an Air Force Pilot serving this country and protecting our freedoms while risking her life. Unlike Kamala Harris who has never served in the military yet sends out weak messages thanking our brave veterans.

Recently she has come under fire for a tweet in which she said, “Enjoy the long weekend,” while neglecting to mention why we actually have the long weekend. Conservatives took offense to this as she forgot the reason for the long weekend which is Memorial Day.

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