Wendy Rogers Takes Swipe at Biased Fox News Hosts, Warns Against Calling Virginia Gov Race Too Soon

The race for Virginia Governor is heating up. Many have thought for a long time that no Republican could win that race. That thinking may still be proven right tomorrow, November 2nd, 2021, which is the day of the election. However, polls have shown the race to be much tighter than anyone thought it could be, with Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin closing the gap on Hillary Clinton’s friend Terry McAuliffe.

Now there are reports that the election may be delayed because of mail-in ballots. This is starting to sound eerily similar to the 2020 election, when swing states slowed down the counting and delayed everything, only to see Republicans lose their majority to Democrats. 

Although states have not or will not do what is needed to prove enough fraud to “fix” that situation, many irregularities in Arizona and other states have left enough doubt for people to be suspicious and wonder if Democrats could theoretically rig the election if it was close enough. We aren’t making that claim one way or another, but echoing the sentiment on the ground among Republican voters. We will see how things shake out soon enough.

Wendy Rogers previously hit Fox News’ Bret Baier for calling Arizona’s 2020 race too soon, considering irregularities found in the audit there and how close the election there ultimately was.

The election integrity stalwart and Arizona State Senator is now putting Baier on notice, along with others. Although Juan Williams is no longer a host of ‘The Five’, she also called him out in a separate tweet.

“Bret Baier & Martha MacCallum, ya’ll may want to stay out of calling the Virginia governor election tomorrow. Just call in a sick day. You guys really bungled the Arizona call in 2020.”

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