Wendy Rogers Talks Priorities

Wendy recently sat down with the Verde Independent to discuss her priorities for the Arizona Senate, and the state of the campaign. See her Q&A below:

Verde Independent: The winner of this race will be a new addition to the state Senate. What committee assignments do you hope to receive, and what is an example of what you feel should be one of the Senate’s top 2021 priorities?

Rogers: I would like to serve on the Water and Agriculture Committee in order to do the greatest good for my rural district. Water rights and farming are very important. I would like to serve on the Senate Finance Committee to help cut taxes and work on tax reform for our small businesses. I also would like to serve on the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee to support Law Enforcement and ensure my district’s transportation needs are met.

VI: How has the pandemic affected both campaigning and which issues are of top concern to LD6 voters? 

Rogers: We have been engaging voters by social distancing and talking safely where at all possible. Voters care about getting back to normal safely, as well as creating economic growth and improving education. They also don’t want their rights and liberties trampled. They do not want to have taxes raised on them during this difficult time.

VI: What economic growth measures can the Senate take to make LD6 and other parts of Arizona less dependent on tourism?

Rogers: We must cut more taxes and red tape, build job-creating infrastructure like broadband, take care of our forests and water, and encourage tourism. Also we must keep law and order. You cannot have economic growth if there are riots and looting.

Source: https://www.verdenews.com/news/2020/oct/19/q-state-senate-district-6-candidate-wendy-rogers/

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