Op-Ed: Wendy Rogers Targeted by Hate-Filled Attacks

Editor: Of late it seems that Senator Wendy Rogers has become the target of repeated hate-filled attacks.

The articles written about her are laced with just enough misinformation to appear credible to uniformed readers, while the balance is nothing more than deceit, vitriol and unfounded accusations.

Senator Wendy Rogers has obviously read and understands the U.S. Constitution, something those writing the attack articles appear to have never done.

Senator Rogers also has sense enough to know that the attacks at the Capitol building have been proven to be planned well in advance by antifa, BLM and a few radicals and the only murder that occurred was that of an innocent woman who was unarmed, a veteran and a Trump supporter.

She is also working to protect the citizens of Arizona from having their constitutional rights being destroyed by misguided state legislators.

Please take an unbiased stance and start producing truthful, fact-checked and informative articles so your readers can be accurately informed.

James Dutton, Paulden

Source: https://www.paysonroundup.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/articles-filled-with-misinformation/article_115dc2d3-8a71-5e27-859e-49af07221e8d.html

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