wendy Rogers on the Stew Peters Show: “Trump Sends Nuke At AZ RINO Frauds”

Arizona state lawmakers proposed a lot of good ideas for how to make their elections more reliable and immune to fraud: For starters, get rid of mail-in ballots, have people vote in-person, with an ID, and count all the votes that night. But despite supposedly having a Republican majority, the legislature wasn’t able to pass those bills, because of the cowardice of RINOs within the party.

Still, some bills have been passed. They banned same-day voter registration and made violation of that law a felony. They expanded the vote margin that requires a mandatory recount. They allowed officials to early votes during the day on Election Day, to get rid of these sudden vote drops from blue cities two or three days late. And finally, they finally required people to prove they are citizens in order to vote. Imagine that.

So, want to get an idea of how threatened the Biden regime is by even this very mild election integrity law? Just the other day, the Biden DOJ announced they will be suing Arizona to get rid of the proof of citizenship requirement. That says it all. For the Democrats, it’s an existential threat that people might have to show they are American citizens to vote in American elections.

Watch Wendy Rogers discuss the latest developments in Arizona:

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